Today’s episode starts with Naira doesn’t get to see the complete MMS video sent in the college group and she doesn’t learn about Kartik’s view on Tanvi’s matter. She has again misunderstanding for him. Then Naitik comes and meets Dadi and tells her that Naira is not at any mistake. He asks Dadi to understand her and explain it to Kartik also. Dadi doesn’t show any interest in his talking about Naira and Naitik gets upset on seeing her behavior. Naksh gives a beautiful necklace to Kirti and surprises her. He tells her the good news that his resort project will get completed early. And he also promises her that she will always be his priority first.

Dadi gets into an argument with the Vaidehi, who has settled scores with Dadi after
knowing about the college incident. Vaidehi points blame to Dadi for doing injustice. Dadi tells Kartik that the society people are creating problems for them. Then Naira learns about the matter completely and asks Naitik to help with Goenkas. Naitik asks Vaidehi about her visit to Dadi and Kartik. Vaidehi complains him that Kartik and Dadi are
doing wrong in their college. She also tells them that Kartik has rusticated Naira too from the college. Naira tells to Kartik that she hadn’t  tell anything to the Vaidehi. Kartik asks them to take desirable decision.

He clears the point that he hadn’t rusticated anyone and also challenged the Dean’s decision so that the students don’t get upset with the management of the college. Vaidehi on understanding apologizes from them for her mistake. Naitik too apologizes to Dadi for the misunderstanding of Vaidehi. Kirti tries to learn about the Naksh’s financial problems and gets astonished that why he was hiding it from her. Naira and Kartik get a heavy shocked reaction when they receive their pool MMS. A stranger person blackmails them and asks them to withdraw from Tanvi’s case. Kartik hides this matter from the Dadi. Naira goes quickly to Kartik to ask him for his help. Kirti comes to Naksh and confronts Naksh for hiding his problems from her.

She tells him in a supportive and caring way that she believes that he is capable to handle the problems but he should have shared it with her so that she could support him. He tells her and tries to make her understand that he doesn’t want her to get worried and even Naitik is busy with Naira there. He clears her point that why he is dealing with everything alone.

Kirti asks Naksh to not to be jealous about the matter that Naitik is there with Naira. He tells her that she can’t understand him. Kartik and Naira meet and then share the MMS. They don’t get scared about the MMS. Dadi and Naitik get worried that something had happened because Kartik and Naira had rushed out of the homes. Naira gets angry and tells Kartik that she is not going to leave the blackmailer.

He also tells her that he will share it with the inspector and ask for the alternative. Naira goes and encourages Tanvi. She tells Tanvi that Kartik will definitely do something. She understands that Kartik had withdrawn that case for Tanvi’s dignity and
college’s reputation and a bright image among folks. Kartik then makes a plan to spread the fake news in the college so that the students would be silent and calm as he wants to catch the culprit. Naira thinks that Kartik had got scared by the blackmailer. Kartik tells to the board that he won’t take the case back and will definitely get justice for Tanvi. Naira tells with assurance to Tanvi that they will catch the
culprit by offering him money.


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