Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is creating more drama. Ishita goes to Toshi and asks if she can take her photograph as she is looking very beautiful. Toshi says wait what happened why you are clicking my photo so that you can show what i wore today and you mom can wear something more beautiful.

Mihika thinks where Bhavna went and i am so tensed. Ishita goes in kitchen and says i am making dinner tonight. Raman comes and says what are you doing. Ishita says i am making everything special. Raman asks why you are making and we are on diet. Ishita says then Pihu is going to eat. Raman says Pihu wanted pizza tonight. Everyone sits for dinner. Ishita makes caramel custard. Raman says this is so good. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Serials, spoilers, written update

Raman and Ishita talks. Raman says you must be tired. Ishita says i am getting bored in this house. Raman says i have thought something that we will go out for dinner and lunch and also for a movie in one week. Ishita says you should concentrate on your business. Raman hugs Ishita and Ishita sees a lady. She becomes scared. Raman says no one comes here.

Ishita shouts. Raman and Ishita goes to home. Raman says calm down Ishita. Mihika thinks how can Bhavna run away. Ishita tells Mihika that she saw some lady. Mihika thinks may be she is Bhavna. Mihika goes there and shouts Bhavna.. Bhavna..  Mihika becomes tensed and says we should tell Ishita and Raman what Bhavna told us. Simmi listens to them. She thinks what they are discussing. They sleeps.

Ishita listens that somebody is calling her name at night. She becomes scared and shouts. Raman handles her. Simmi and Param talks and Simmi says i have put this recorder in side of bed of Ishita and she was scared also but Raman handled her. Param says don’t get tensed and we will scare Ishita again and again.

Ishita and Raman gets to know all the truth about Bhavna by Romy and Mihika. Let’s see what will Raman and Ishita do.


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