In today’s episode of your favorite show ‘Yeh hai mohabbatein’: As you know Roshni comes to Bhalla house with Ishita and ‘god bharai ceremony’ starts at Bhalla house. Everyone was very happy and enjoying,

Raman orders sweets from his favorite shop on this occasion but the sweets get infected by fungus. On seeing it Raman turns angry and he thinks that Simmy has done it as She is playing again with him. He gets irritated.

He starts shouting at Simmy and asks her if she has done it but Simmy says no that she does not know about it. Param takes it as an offer and gets annoyed that Raman has insulted his wife. He does not like this way and leaves the party with Simmy.

Ishita was in the room of Roshni she goes from the room for some time and says Roshni that she will bring clothes for her. But in the meantime, Roshni gets locked suddenly. When Ishita comes back she gets astonished that how this door is locked within minutes, who has locked it. She gets afraid and calls Roshni that she didn’t get any response as Roshni was fallen unconscious inside.

Ishita tries to unlock the door with her hairpin but fails.
Then she shouts and calls Raman for help and Raman comes fast, she tells him everything. Raman doesn’t wait for someone and breaks the door. They were worried about Roshni and his baby’s health. When the door gets broken they see Roshni in the fainted state. All family gets tensed about her that when will she be fine.

When Roshni gets fine she tells Raman and Ishita that someone locked her from outside but she does not know who was that. she says that she gets suffocated and scared and fainted.

After it, Raman and Ishita try to find out that who tried to hurt Roshni. Ishita says that someone is trying to scare Roshni and wants to hurt her. But Param blames Aaliya for this he says that she does not want to see Roshni getting love from a family that’s why she tried to hurt her.

But we clear you that Aaliya is not criminal. She has done nothing this is just a wicked plan of Param to tease her. But Ishita will not sit quietly till she does not find the criminal.

Let see will Ishita find truth or not. This is just a suspense still and we will reveal this suspense soon.
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