This episode of Yeh hai mohabbatein starts with shagun that she was telling Aaliya to relax and go with them but she refuses and says that this is her family. Then  Mani says to Shagun that if Aaliya is not in a state of leaving this home so just leave her. They left and Aaliya goes to her room Santoshi says her thanks that she has not left them.

Aaliya recalls Adi’s words and decides that she will not leave this home at any cost.let come to Aaliya she will see her giving birth to Adi’s baby but she will not give her time to give him love. She says that she will make her realize that what happens if someone leaves someone as Adi left her for Roshni. She says that Adi’s child will call her Mom not to Roshni as she will give him too much love.

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There Ishita sees a dream that everyone has come on the door to take them and suddenly she awakes. Roshni says her to relax and have a tea.

Everyone at home plans that how they will console to Roshni and Ishita to get back at home. Raman says it is quite difficult and then Amma give suggestions that they must console Ishita .

Ishita gives instructions to Roshni to do yoga as the instructor will come soon.
When she opens the door she sees everyone there and recalls that it was just like her dream. she welcomes them and asks why they have come.

Mani wakes up shagun and says her that I know that u are worried about Aaliya but i can’ t see you ill and then he gives her idea of a catering business and plans that shagun will tell Alia to help her as Mani doesn’t so that there could be bonding between them.
Shagun gets happy on this genius idea and enjoys coffee and snacks with Mani.

There Santoshi tells that they have come there to bring them back at home and also want to give blessings to Adi’s child by arranging ‘ godh bharai rasam’.
Ishita and Raman gets fight as Ishita says she will not go anywhere she has looked after her. And they are coming at 8th month as they want only the baby and she wouldn’ t let it happen. Ruhi says Ishita to plzz come to home. on this Raman gets angry and says to go from there. He also says that he will bring baby home and no one can stop him.

Now see what will happen?
Will ‘ godh bharai ‘ took place peacefully or there will be another problem? stay tuned article will be updated

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