Today’s episode of Yeh hai mohabbatein starts with Parmeet makes a new plan to kidnap Roshni. He tells to the Simmi that Romi is in need the of money and then everyone will doubt on him. Simmi gives a green flag to his plan and agrees. He then tells her that he will manage everything. Raman goes and justifies Ruhi that he is not a mean person but he is careful to his parents who want to have Adi’s child. Ruhi reveals in front of Raman that Ishita is taking too much safety measures for Roshni. Raman feels like that Ishita doesn’t trust them, even when they offered her a chance after Adi’s death.

Parmeet goes there to overhear them. Parmeet then takes an opportunity of the matter. Raman told them about the issue that they can’t get the baby home without giving him financial status and identity. Ruhi at a moment gets ready to hand over her property to Roshni and Adi’s child. Raman feels that Ishita had made Ruhi too selfless like her, and he feels anticipated towards Ishita for planting good values in their children. He also thanks Ruhi for becoming his strength. He denies to take any property from Ruhi. Ishita makes them sure that Roshni is fine.

She asks Roshni to take her proper hygiene and care. Parmeet at a moment reaches there in disguise and gets succeed in kidnapping Roshni by making her fall unconscious by chloroform. He acts like in a manner that he is taking her to the hospital and even he makes fool to the security guard. He gets very glad that he has succeeded in his plan with not any failure. Raman gives some company papers and forms to Mihika and tells her to give those formalities to Romi, as he was not in the wish to lose Romi after losing his Adi. He also asks her to convey to Romi that still he loves Romi a lot as he is his brother. He then asks Mihika to move out with Romi if they are satisfied and happy but he doesn’t want Romi to break relations with them.

Mihika gets emotional and apologizes to him. There Parmeet and Simmi lock up Roshni in a godown. Parmeet tells Simmi that now no one can get to know about his deadly crime, because Romi will get caught by the clues which are left there. Aaliya offers some shares which were gifted by Adi to Raman and she tells him that now Adi’s baby has the right over these shares. She asks Raman to have those shares, as she is happy to give it to the baby. Raman then asks her to think properly and deeply again and not to be emotional. Aaliya clarifies to him that she is certain about it.

Ishita gets to know that Roshni is not home. She wanders here and there in the home to find Roshni. And she panics when she did not find Roshni at home. She then realizes that Roshni is kidnapped. She gets Romi’s handkerchief there and gets a big shock. She thinks that all this is the black deed of Romi and she blames him for the happening.

Now what will be the new twist? Will Parmeet get success or Romi will be punished for no reason?


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