The most loved show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going through the most turns and twists which have engaged the audience. Yug packs his pack and remembers that Aliya is becoming so mad because of Yug as he looks like Aadi. Alia holds the knife and she is becoming so dangerous. Aliya attacks him. Yug asks why you have stopped. Then Yug says why you have stopped and you should kill me. Yug says that I love you but my mistake was that I came as Aadi in front of you. Aliya starts crying and says that Aadi also said that he will love me.

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2019 episode, we see that Aliya says yes to Yug and says okay I want to live with you. She hugs him. Yug asks what happened Ishimaa and if you want me to leave then I will definitely leave. She leaves the room and then suddenly she hurts herself with the table and Yug comes there and shouts like Aadi used to do. Ishita remembers Aadi and thinks Yug is like Aadi. Raman comes there and says thank you Ishita you have accepted Yug and now Aliya also knows that Yug is Aadi.

Ishita talks to Raman and thinks she should tell him about all what is happening. Rohan becomes so sad and remembers Aliya. He gets a call and someone tells that you should destroy the powder otherwise you will get destroyed. He thinks what is in the powder and I cannot understand what is happening. Rohan thinks he has to inform Ishimaa anyhow otherwise she will be in some big problem. Ishita gets a call at night and Rohan asks her to come downstairs as powder is so risky. Ishita asks him to wait. He asks what is in the powder. He says we have to go to the police station.


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