In the latest written episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2018, Sudha is Karan and Rohan’s mother? In today’s twist of the Tv serial, there is Ishita who given a choice to either save Raman or her sons-in-law. She broke down but there is a twist and he decided to shoot Karan and Rohan thereby exposing Sudha.

The episode begins with Ishita asking Sudha that where is Raman is and asks Sudha to leave Karan and Rohan. Sudha tolds to her that she will take her brother’s death revenge from none other then Ishita and Raman.

She was very angry because of this. She said that just like they proved that her brother an alcoholic in the court, she would do the same as they did and proved that Raman died out of excessive alcoholic in the court.

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Ishita is shattered and she wonders that what she must do. Sudha hands her the same revolver which her brother used to commit suicide. Ishita points the gun at Sudha and shocks her. She gets so sad and she thinks that she gets out now and after this, she has died.


Raman, who is in a terrible state after drinking alcohol, asking to Ishita that to thinks wisely and shoot at him and save their sons-in-law. Meanwhile for this that in the Bhalla house, Mani gifts to Alia and Ruhi beautiful watches and they both are so happy and he tolds to them that the importance of marriage and blesses them a happy married life.

Simmi looks all worried and she is so tensed and everyone to her that why she is so preoccupied. She initially says that mum but later said that Sudha has kidnapped Karn and Rohan.

Precap: Karan asks that what is in Ruhi to fall for her? The two guys left her previously.


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