Today’s episode of yeh hai mohabbatein starts with Roshni’s thinking to get back Bhalla home and she finds that they are not bad and they will love the baby too much as he is the baby of Adi. She tells this to Ishita and Ishita prays to her thinking.

Ishita says that she also wants Adi’s baby and want to love her. She says whatever is written in fate will definitely happen. she tells her that maybe Aaliya will not accept this baby. And she says Aaliya to take care.

Param goes to Aaliya and tries to provoke her and says everyone is wishing to Aaliya be at home and no one cares for her this makes her sad and upset.

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Romi takes Mihika with him to the adoption center to adopt a child but she gets angry and says that she will give birth to their own child and there is no need of adoption.

Mrs. Iyer when sees Aaliya upset she tries to make her understand their intentions and also asks her to forgive them. Shagun comes to meet Aaliya and give her handmade cookies. She tells her about the new catering business. She tells that she is there not for a topic related to Roshni but for her help in the business as Mani is not helping her. Both Aaliya and Mrs. Iyer agree to help her. Shagun gets happy as her plan get success.

Mrs. Bhalla waits for Roshni but she does not come on time so they miss her.
Shagun meets Pihu after a long time and asks her to go shopping and Pihu agrees and thanks her for love. They go to ice cream corner. Pihu sees Roshni at roads and asks Shagun to help her. Shagun gets her at home.

Parmeet meets Shagun and Mani again regarding Aaliya and says that the root of this matter is Roshni. Shagun says him that she is concerned for her as she is pregnant.

He says to take it as an advantage to hurt her. Mani gets him out of the home.
Mihika and Romi go to the official of Adoption center and tells that they will make baby’s future bright as they have a good financial background but they ask for documents.

Roshni goes to Ishita and both of them get surprised by Bhalla family’s ruck. They again plead them to get back at home. And finally, Ishita gives permission to Roshni.

But this will not a peaceful baby shower ceremony. There will be a great drama on it. so stay in contact with
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