This episode of Yeh hai mohabbatein starts with Santoshi’ s plan to get back Roshni at home. Aliya does not agree with it and gets upset. On seeing a fabulous offer Param goes to Aliya and he makes her feel that he is very much tensed for her. He provoked her against her family that they are doing injustice with her, no one thinks for her all loves only Roshni as she will give them Adi’s child.

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Aliya was trapped in his plan and really she was made in such a way that only Param is worried about her. Mihika sees him and warned him to remain far from Bhalla family.
But Santoshi did not change her plan she said I want my Adi’s child at his real home.
Raman knew that Santoshi will never listen to him so he tried to console Aliya that Santoshi, at this age, could be only happy if she will see Roshni at home. Aliya did not listen to him and added that this family is changed now and she was wrong that this is her caring family.

She says she cannot see Roshni and her child in front of her as it will always point her about Adi’s betrayal to her. Raman leaves the room and Param got a more offer he tells all to Shagun and Mani.

Ishita is busy in her preparations for Adi’s child and Ruhi calls her to inform her all about the family’ s decision that all are agreed to get Roshni back at home. But Raman stops her on time. He promises her that later he will tell everything to Ishita.

When Ishita hears Raman’s voice on phone she was not in state to catch up everything that what is the matter that Bhalla family is concerning for Roshni but later she understands that it is for Adi’s child and   she said that she is there to care for them and she will make Adi’s child a good person.

After then Shagun calls Ishita and gives warning to Ishita to get away from Bhalla family and Aliya too. Ishita was totally confused as Shagun does not tell her much and hangs up.

Shagun and Mani come to Bhalla house for Aliya and to say them that they are not doing justice with Aliya, it will be wrong for Alita if they are going to accept Roshni as a family member. They also tell Aliya to not to become afraid as they are together with her.


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