Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Everybody coming to Bala and Ashok’s Brother. Kiran says i am sorry and i did not know that he was using Raman’s company’s name. Kiran cries and says i was in miserable position. Ishita says why you did not tell us. Kiran says i was not interested in this business after knowing that everybody is getting hurt and someone will commit suicide.

yeh hai mohabbatein, written episode,

Raman says i will call the police and you will go to jail. Ashok’s brother says please call police as Kiran will go to jail as every papers of the company is under KIran’s name. Bala says why you did this. Kiran says i hurted everyone. Raman says i will save Kiran at any cost but i will not leave you. He says that i am not stupid as my brother Ashok was. Roshni calls Adi and thinks why he is late. Adi gets call of Roshni. Mihika asks what happened. Ishita asks Adi to tell Mihika. Shravan comes to Roshni and says wow you are having a gift. He sees that and becomes excited to see a new phone.

Raman comes to Amma and Appa and says i am sorry and Kiran was not at fault. He says my family insulted you all a lot. Amma says you do not have any mistake. Simmi also follows him. Amma says do not worry and sit here. Simmi thinks Raman has become so mad. Toshi says Kiran also has mistake that she did not tell us. Simmi provokes Toshi and says Kiran is responsible for the damage to our company.

Ruhi says yes Papa should not have apologised to Aiyyer Family. Simmi thinks why Ruhi supported me. Raman comes in Lungi and Ishita becomes surprised. Ishita says you are looking good. Ruhi thinks to trap Param and she open the dating site. She calls her friend and tells her the whole plan but network was weak and then she goes out. Meanwhile Ishita comes and sees the dating site, she becomes glad to see that her daughter is moving on. Ishita tells Raman about this and he becomes shocked.


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