In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Simmi cannot listen to Ishita and Madhu’s discussion and be aware that she had been stupefied by Madhu.

Raman and Romi were getting into an argument with the person the latter had talked and keep the request for a loan.

Simmi makes her scrounge Raman’s phone and afterwords she calls and demands someone to meet her at a restaurant that night they are talking about. Ishita finally prepares it for the Iyer house.

The favorite food is prepared by Madhu and she also welcomes her very politely. The shares that Vishwa had got her married that words are asked by Ishita toVishwa that to give her the papers.

Vishwa and Madhu get concern and ask for that if Ishita is in need of money. She needed to give them to Romi as he needs the money for purchase his own house that is said by Ishita.

Mihika offers to make Romi comprehend but he says her that if he vestige in Bhalla house, then he will have regular daily fights with Raman that he do not want. Over her hands, the papers to Romi Ishita walks in. He is right in moving out as he need not get degraded by Raman every day that is told by Romi.

In the beginning, Romi is unconvinced to take Ishita’s help. Mihika envisages Ishita and tells her that rather than to try to get them together she stimulates Romi to move out.

To know that Raman never joins for dinner Ishita gets shocked. Ishita waits till midnight, and finally, Raman reached at home drunk. Ishita helps him to scolds him.

Param banter Raman for having no control over himself. To their room Ishita takes to Raman and Raman holds tightly her hands. Ishita wakes up and when he sleeps Ishita watches his face.

Ishita says, Raman, that she and Roshni will stay in the house but Raman has to sign a shackle he would never drink. The bond is signed by Raman.

To see finally Raman is getting abridged the entire Bhalla Family gets happy. Making a video of her while she was taking a shower a girl walks in screaming. The family gets shocked to listen to this.


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