Today you will watch neighbors taunting Gopal, on which Vasu says that I will call Yuvraj. Gopal says no, we did not do anything wrong. Prisha gets so happy and surprised by seeing the pictures. She asks who did this. Saransh says Rudra and I did this. Rudra comes, she says that I like the big surprise, and she appreciates them and asks him that what you want in return. Saransh says that I will give you a list this time. She asks Rudra what do you want.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written

He asks her to say if she has something to tell or if she is hiding something. She says that yes… I wanted to tell you… Balraj shouts Prisha. They go to Balraj. Balraj throws papers at her and says that she is suspended because legal notice has come. She asks what did she do. Mishika gets happy and says finally someone unveiled the truth in this house. Balraj says Prisha to answer them. Ahana says that Prisha will tell us why she got suspended and in this, I will help her, Rudra, Mishika, and I know this matter.

Prisha looks at Rudra, Ahana says that Prisha gave the wrong medicine to a patient, so there was an inquiry going on. Balraj looks at Prisha and asks why she did not tell them about this. Ahana says that she has hidden this from us. He asks what do you mean? She says that she got suspended last week. He gets shocked, Mishika says she told us that she is going to the hospital but don’t know where she went. Mishika says she will do anything if she is lying. She says that she can even leave the house and can do whatever she wants.

He scolds Prisha. Sharda says that Prisha is a good doctor. She asks what happened. Prisha thinks that how can she tells them about Neerja & Rahul. Balraj says she won’t tell us and put a taunt by saying don’t know who made her doctor. Rudra stops her and defends Prisha and argues with Balraj.

Balraj says you think the doctors are fools, now on this what can she say hence she is silent now. Rudra says she is my life, she would have some reasons, therefore, she is keeping silence, I want to support my wife. I won’t tolerate if anyone going to insult her whether it is you or someone else. Rudra gets angry and went from there with Prisha. Yeh hai chahatein… Plays to make a moment. Stay tuned with us for more updates about the show.


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