One of the most loving family drama television show Yeh Hai Chahatein is making its fan following day by day and today we will let you know about the latest gossip about the show. In today’s episode, you will watch Rudraksh introduces Saransh to the photographer who came to click their amazing family photographs and the photographer is so amazing when Saransh gets to know that a photographer came to click their pictures he got excited. They give many poses and the photographer keeps on clicking their pictures because they are engrossed in giving different poses. The photographer named Nagesh is a friend of Rudra, after clicking their pictures Gopal says that you are the world’s best father and you are doing a lot of things for Saransh.

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unfortunately, Rudra gets angry and says that stay away from her on which Vasu prays and says that you will stay together, and then Rudra hugs him.
Prisha is at some cafe, Ahana comes and says that its a tacky cafe, why her friends call her here. Suddenly Ahana sees Prisha and thinks that what she is doing here, then she thinks that she will find out the reason why she is here. She calls Prisha and Prisha replies that I’m in OT (Operation Theatre), so I will talk to you later and Ahana says that I know you are lying & I know where are you but thank you for giving me this news, and now there will be some fun now.

Ahana calls Mishka and says that you won’t believe what I’ve seen she asks that what she is talking about then Ahana tells her that she just saw Prisha at a small cafe, I called her and asked that where are you on that she lied and said that I’m in hospital at OT. Ahana says that let’s go to the hospital on which Mishka asks why she says that she will reveal the truth and both go to the hospital.
There Saransh gets punished because he forgot to do homework, Rudra says that you will get insulted in front of the entire class then he also stands with him holding his ears and says to Saransh that you are not alone now. Saransh replies that everyone will laugh on him Rudra replied that I don’t care because he is all his fault he should not keep the Onam celebration.

Kids come and start laugh in them then the teacher comes and makes all students quiet and says to Rudra that why are you standing here, Rudra replies that it is all his fault because he kept a celebration of Onam at home hence Saransh forgot to do work. The teacher says that its all right the punishment is over now.
She appreciates and says that you did a good job and every parent should learn this and allow him to join his class back. Saransh Hugs him and says I love you and he replies I love you too. And the episode ends with an amazing twist if you want to know more stay tuned with us and if you want to watch, can go to your TV screen. Till then stay tuned stay safe…


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