In today’s serial “Ye Hai Chahatein” so, the episode starts Rudra pour the milk in a pot. He says that he does not want to drink milk. He is feeling so tensed and he can’t deny the Sarnash otherwise his heart will be breaking down. He said that he wants that he feels proud of himself. Sharda said that they all have proud of you. He says that if he will loose then Sharan asks that you did you finish your milk. Rudar said yes. Sharan says to start then the nurse comes to Preesha and said that baby is perfectly fine. Preesha says thank god that the baby does not have to need an incubator.

yeh hai chahte

The nurse said thank you that you take care of the baby and now you can go back to your house and take rest. Preesha said that we will take the baby to meet with Neerja. Rahul said to Neeraja to have the food. Neerja said I will not eat the food until I will not meet with my baby. Preesha born a baby. She gives the baby to them and said to spend the time with the baby. Preesha said after all this mess you still trust me I should thankful to you.

Rahul says that Preesha is a good doctor and a good human being. She said that he didn’t cancel her license. I will ask to Preeha about the medicine. He stops the Preesha and says thanks to her. He sais that he is really tensed. She said that she really feels bad, your angel is with you, spends the time with her family. He said that he will not cancel your license, she doesn’t have any complaint regarding the nurse. She says thanks to him. He said that what can I do. He said that to get the mystery for me. I just spoil my career and life. Preesha asked what is this, and it is her responsibility now, everything is perfectly fine. Neerja and baby are fine. She says what will happen to our problems and how will justice happen.

She says its revenge will be taken now Rudar is not connected with us. He said no now I remove him in between, and I am trying to throw him outside. She says that she does not do wrong with anyone. He says in a very serious way that he cheated on you and you still support him. You getting marriage with Yuvraj. Then she asks how do you know this? For more information keep watching “Yeh Hai Chahtien” on Hotstar at 10:30 PM and any time on Hotstar. For more written updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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