Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2020 written updates starts with Preesha telling Balraj that Rudraksha is also looking for him. Balraj gets worried saying they have to find Saransh as anything can happen with him. Rudraksha receives a call from Balraj. Preesha tells him that she’s with Balraj. He asks her if it’s her plan. In response she says that she’s completely fine and that Saransh is not with Balraj. She goes on to tell him that Balraj is unaware of Saransh’s kidnapping. Rudraksha refuses to believe her and says Balraj is probably lying about Saransh’s kidnapping. He says he will have a word with Balraj. Preesha asks Rudraksha to stay at home. Niketan leaves the house to catch his flight. He apologises to Rudraksha that he couldn’t meet Balraj and Preesha.

Balraj enters the house. Rudraksha comes to him and asks where he was and where is Saransh. Balraj says that he was completely unaware of Saransh being missing. Rudraksha says that he cannot fool him with his words and asks where did he hide Saransh. Niketan asks Balraj if he kidnapped Saransh. Balraj vehemently denies the allegation. Niketan says to Balraj that he used to shout on him but how can he kidnap his own grandson. Balraj disagrees with Niketan saying Saransh isn’t his grandson as he doesn’t know anything about the kid. He sets the record straight saying he didn’t kidnap Saransh. Rudraksha gets little emotional and begs Balraj asking him about Saransh. Balraj keeps saying that he has nothing to do with the kidnapping. Rudraksha says if he will not tell them about Saransh then he will call the police.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today's Written Episode

Ahana tries to control the situation asking Rudraksha to not blame Balraj. They get into an argument just then Preesha enters the house. She supports Rudraksha’s allegation against Balraj saying Balraj is the one who kidnapped Saransh. It shocks Balraj. She says she has already called the police and the cops will be there any minute. Balraj asks Preesha how can she blame him. She sticks to her statement saying she has got the evidence against him that proves that he’s the kidnapper. She says Saransh’s handkerchief was in his pocket. Balraj says this is all rubbish and that he isn’t involved in Saransh’s kidnapping. What will happen next? Will Preesha and Rudraksha find Saransh? Will Balraj make a confession? Stay tuned with us to get the answers of all these questions and read Star Plus show Yeh Hai Chahatein written updates.


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