After the famous TV serial, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein came to an end, the journey starts again with the serial Yeh Hai Chahtein. In the latest episode, we see that Yuvraj starts manipulating Vasuda and he says that he will be managing to make Preesha and Rudraksh get separated. Then we see Vasudha gets convinced and asks him to sit down as she is with him. Yuvraj then thinks that one part of the plan is done and now he has to convince his husband now so that he will marry Preesha. The child asks for her mother and then suddenly a female comes and drops the bottle.

Yeh Hai Chahtein Episode Written Updates 20.07.20

In Yeh hai chahtein 20 July 2020 written updates we will see that Ahana and Mishka come and then their mother in law asks where is he going. Ahana says that she is going with Mishka in order to buy one gift for their father in law. Then she asks if Nikendra is going. Then Mishka says that maybe he did not find it important to tell you. They both go out. Preesha asks what happened. He tells that there is no way that father could attend that. The bride faints suddenly. Preesha then sees what happened. Preesha thinks she could not tell that she is pregnant.

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Then Preesha asks whether this child is of Sheyas. She tells that yes he knows about it and asks to send him. Rudraksh says that Shreyas you are doing this marriage and then you will regret. Sheryas asks why so? Rudraksh says that after marriage, these wives become demons and they snatch everything from us. He says they will see everything and will not let you sleep. Shreyas says that Neha is different.

In Yeh Hai Chahtein we see, Yuvraj thinks about how is this Preesha that she went to the house and lost Saransh. Preesha gets the call of Yuvraj and he asks how are you and what happened to Saransh. Then Preesha asks how you know about Saransh. Yuvraj spills the emotional drama and then Preesha feels guilty. Rudraksh asks what happened. Shreyas tells Neha that he will not be marrying her. Neha gets so upset and starts crying. Yuvraj says that he do not love Preesha but he has to marry so that he can become the father of his child legally.

In Yeh Hai Chahtein written updates we see that Saransh is still kidnapped. Mishka’s father asks if he will call the commissioner then it will be helpful. For more updates of Yeh Hai Chahtein, stay tuned with us.


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