One of the popular and well-known serials, which name is Ye Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, most of the people are loving this show, hence it is in trend, getting the high TRP, right now some of the best scenes are going on, and as we know Roshini is just supposed to tell Armaan about the story of Jinn, so let’s know what happens ahead in the show.


In the upcoming episode, you will get to see at the beginning of the show that Roshini is telling a story to Armaan and she is talking about Jinn while telling him, she says you might know, I steal something from your uncle Rehaan, suddenly when she was going to show Armaan, but she gets scared after seeing the rep spider and she throws the box on the floor and  Armaan takes it in the arm, Rahmaan is looking for the red stain bur he did not find that anywhere.

Roshini tries to confront  Runina that why did you send the red spider into their house, Rubina said to her that Aman is captured in the mirror world, she said I have already made a promise of blood with you so at this time I am saved and secured, so as you know only Jinn can all the red spider, not anyone, and I’m Anaya, not a Jinn.

When Roshini goes out of the house after she promised her that, I will definitely get to know, who did this and what was the reason behind that, and how red spiders came into the house, then Natasha arrives from behind and says to Rubina that you are so good at acting like an actor.

Roshini thinks, it is Rehman who is the target of Rubina, and Rehaam thinks, it is Roshini, Who is going to be prey in the game Rubina, Both of them noticed a huge amount of spiders in their home, and they were tiring to kill him at any cost, on the other side Rehaan is getting his Magic stick, he is tensed about this, and the other members were trying to make the spiders go away through a different type of stuff, but it was going useless.

Roshini made teamwork with the baby, and the rest of the members are with Rehan, on the other side Sayari is in the search of Natasha, she believes that she is Natasa who is doing such things with her, in the process of doing, Roshni faces Rehaan, they are quite confused that how to face each other, at the end they think about their own agenda and they get to know Armaan is the target of both of them, do watch the watch at Starplus.


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