One of the most prominent and world-renowned audio product companies named Yamaha Pro Audio has come up with new soundbars for all users. If we talk about the name of the soundbars that the company launch recently then the titles are “Yamaha SR-B20A” and “Yamaha SR-C204”. The company already holds such a huge success all over the globe and these brand new soundbars boosting the popularity of the company. Here, you will get some key details and full specifications of “Yamaha SR-B20A” and “Yamaha SR-C204” as we know that many people searching for information related to the products. Both the products creating buzz among social media.

Yamaha SR-B20A and Yamaha SR-C204

Just after the launch of the soundbars, the engagement of the audience to the company’s official website become double. If we talk about the sound inputs then SR-B20A coming with a sound output of 120W. On the other hand, SR-C20A is a compact edition and comes with a sound output of 100W. Apart from this, both editions will support TV ARC and also coming with HDMI port connectivity. With that said, the best part of the soundbar is that both be mounted on the wall and controlled via a physical remote or a controller app.

On the other hand, both have a 2.1 channel setup. If we talk about some details of SR-C20A then it has two speakers of 20W each set on the right channel and left channel. Along with it, there is also a subwoofer of 60W included refining the quality of the sound. After adding all of these,

The output of 100W giving an amazing sound and exceptional experience to all the users who eager to purchase it. Along with it, the soundbar also supports Dolby Audio and Digital DTS surround. It is not too heavy as the weight of the soundbar is 1.8Kg. The price of Yamaha SR-C20A is Rs. 18,190 in the Indian Market.

On the other hand, Yamaha SR-B20A also comes with two speakers of 60W align as same as SR-C20A, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. In this soundbar the in-built subwoofer of 60W giving it a special place in the user’s mind. The total sound output of 120W given by this soundbar which attracting a huge number of users to purchase it.

Along with it, it is also offering 3D sound effects and supports DTS Virtual:X. The weight of SR-B20A is 3.2kg. The price of Yamaha Sr-B20A is RS. 19,990 in the Indian Market. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to technology.


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