A very popular and Social media star Xiaoleung is well known as the content creator. Now, a big piece of information is coming that she deleted her all social media accounts and profiles yesterday. She had huge support from the audience from the beginning and now she created her own big empire in which she got high success all the time when she posts anything on it. The reason behind deactivating all social media accounts is here and we will take it in front of everyone because all the people are want to know the reason for doing this. She is a very big personality who contains a huge fanbase all over the world.Xiaoleung (Roblox) TikTok Bio Wiki Biography Net Worth Profession Career

She has over 2.6 million followers on TikTok and 269,000 subscribers on YouTube. Xiaoleung is well known as the popular and unique content creator who got her popularity when she starts to play games and shows her gaming skills. The uniqueness in her content is that she introduces Roblox content that gives her lots of love from the audience and the viewers. She contains popularity across the world and showing her skills and creativity to the world. Suddenly, on 13th January 2021, she deactivates all her social media accounts.

Also, she closes her Tik Tok account, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Channel. She just not delete her account on Tik Tok otherwise, she deleted her all social media account after that she announced a statement in which Xiaoleung said “Sorry everyone, here is the day when I end up as a content creator. It was wonderful to work with all of you and be on this crazy adventure. I think there are some things in life that I should take care of. I enjoyed creating content for fans, I have had such an amazing journey with all of you.”

The main reason for her closing all the social media accounts is that she wants to spend time with her family in which she doesn’t want any disturbance. On the other hand, fans also claim that Xiaoleung receiving a lot of hate from the audience. Many people are want to cancel her deactivation from social media and they regularly showing love for her. Many people now saying lots of things for Xiaoleung but the actual reason behind doing this has not been revealed yet. So, if you want to know more interesting and shocking news happened across the world then stay tuned with us.


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