Breaking news: the President of the US, Joe Biden, and China Minister Xi Jinping are going to meet ahead of the APEC Summit. The Joe Biden-XI Jinping bilateral is going to be the marquee moment of the APEC forum as this has come regarding the rising tension between the two nations. They are going to meet each other in San Francisco. They are aiming to mitigate the tensions in what is viewed as a critical global rivalry. Their meet-up is going to be may be very controversial. Many people are talking about their meet-ups. Now to know everything about their meet-up, read this article till the end.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

According to the source, on 15th November 2023, Wednesday, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have scheduled to meet. They are going to meet before the 30th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which is happening today in San Francisco. It aims to mitigate the tensions in what viewed the critical global rivalry. The leaders from the 21-member forum are going to gather today at the global summit. The meet-up of Biden and Xi bilateral is going to be the marquee moment of the forum as it has come regarding the rising tension between the US and China following this series of events which occurred the shooting down of the Chinese spy balloon which wafted in the United States earlier in 2023. Scroll down to learn more.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have not engaged in discussions till now from their last meeting up which happened in November 2023 as they met up with each other on the sidelines of the Group 20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Now we are going to share some things that you should learn regarding the anticipated meeting so scroll down to the next paragraph of this article now.

There is a limited personal meeting. Because of the decade-long acquaintance and various discussions from Biden’s inauguration in January 2021. There is an agenda on the table, The White House has highlighted the summit objective which is to enhance communication so that it can prevent the potential conflict between the US and China. The United States’ stance and there are some expected discussions. Joe Biden is poised to it can affirm the United States’ commitment to support the Indo-Pacific allies. There are some expected deals and agreements. Washington is currently seeking to concrete the outcomes which includes the progress in restoring military ties.


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