Today’s match is scheduled between Xinjiang Flying Tigers and Jilin Northeast Tigers (XFT vs JNT). The match will starts at 1:00 pm. After a long time, the new season of the basketball match is coming for their fans. Both the teams are coming with full of spirit and strength. In the CBA league, the first tournament match was played between Jiangsu Dragons and Qingdao Eagles. In that match, Qingdao Eagles won the match. Jiangsu Dragons lost the match by 10 scores. We have brought for you all details of the match like time, date, venue, probable players, key players, match prediction, etc.

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XFT vs JNT Live Score 
XFT vs JNT, CBA league 2020-21
Venue : Hongshan Arena, China
Date : January 15, 2020
Time : 1:00 pm

Xinjiang Flying Tigers vs Jilin Northeast Tigers (XFT vs JNT) – Preview
In the last ten matches, Xinjiang Flying Tigers team Scored One hundred twelve points. And average game points in the last ten matches is Two hundred thirteen. Jilin Flying Tigers team scored points in the last ten matches is one hundred ten and average game points in the last 10 matches is two hundred sixteen. Both the teams are playing well in every match. But the Xinjiang Flying Tigers team is playing extremely well in every match. Let’s see who will win this game.

Xingjiang Flying Tigers (XFT) – Key Players
Dehao Yu
Caiyu Tang
Lin Q

Jilin Flying Tigers (JFT) – Key Players
Dominique Jones
Weize Jiang
Ang Lee

Xingjiang Flying Tigers vs Jilin Flying Tigers (XFT vs JFT) – Probable Lineups
Xinjiang Flying Tigers: LingXu Zeng, Qi Zhou, Caiyu Tang, Donatas Motiejunas, Lin Qi
Jilin Northeast Tigers: Cheng Zhong, Jiang Yuxing, JinMing Cui, Dominique Jones, Weize Jiang

Xingjiang Flying Tigers vs Jilin Northeast Tigers (XFT vs JNT) – Prediction
As per the previous performance of the teams, Xingjiang Flying Tigers scored more points than Jilin Northeast Tigers. Team Xingjiang Flying Tigers is in good form as always. There is more chance to win the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. XFT team is playing tremendously against all the team. We hope that the JNT team also gives their best to win the game. We predict that the Xingjiang team will win today’s match. Don’t forget to watch the match at 1:00 pm. Stay Tuned with us for more interesting updates.


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