The world is filled with lots of gaming and people love to play on the Internet. We have already told about many gamers in our article and many players are still struggling to become one of the popular content creators and gamers in the world. Well, it is not easy to become such a popular gamer because many people are also trying this but it takes some time. Well, have you ever listened to X-Mania who’s real name is Hemant Vyas. He is a Free Fire content creator on Youtube and used to share his content creating videos on the Internet.

X-Mania Free Fire ID

Being a gamer, he is also running his own Youtube channel where he daily uploads his video recordings and he is a professional player for Survivor 4 AM. Along with this, the gamer has achieved lots of success on Youtube and earning some amount of money. In the last 30 days,

He gained 20K subscribers and 4.78 million total views on his channel. Now, let’s talk more about the player and how is he going on his channel. Many fans want to know more about the player and we are here to provide you some more details.

Free Fire ID of X-Mania and Stats:

Many new players want to play with these players and you can connect with them by adding them to your list. Well, the players like to play with their known and friends but if you are lucky, you can add them to your friend list by using their gaming ID. So, 97762833 is a Free Fire ID of the player and his IGN ID is Xmania18_.

Lifetime Stats:

According to the reports, the gamer has seen in the 10825 squad matches and won 2474 matches and because of this, he made his winning rate of 22.85%. In this process, he has killed 31857 enemies with a K/D ratio of 3.81.

The Youtuber has also played 3223 duo matches and won in 539 matches and that makes a winning result of 16.72%. Along with this, the player is holding a K/D ratio of 3.52.

X-mania has played a total of 3074 solo games and just won 434 matches and made his winning rate of 14.11%/ He has killed 8707 enemies and made his K/D ratio of 3.30.

Ranked Stats:

Hemant Vyas have seen in 71 squad matches and won in just 18 matches with making his winning rate of 25.35% and killed around 256 enemies in this game. He made his K/D ratio of 4.83.

Along with this, he also played a total of 75 duo matches and won in just four matches and translated his winning rate of 5.33%. He has killed mostly 209 enemies and reached the K/D of 2.94.

In the end, he also played 10 solo matches and won in 5 matches but made his winning rate of 50%. In these matches, he killed 59 foes and made his K/D ratio of 11.80.

X-mania Monthly and Yearly Income:

According to the reports, he has a monthly earning of between $1.2K to $19.1K per month and along with this, he earned in a year between $14.4K to $229.7K.

Youtube Channel:

As per the details, he posted his first video on the channel in July 2019 and now, he has more than 1.8 million subscribers on his channel. He has uploaded 129 videos on his channel and all the video got more than 118 million combined views.


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