The famous WWE superstar Melissa Coates dies at the age of 50 years. She was popular for her achievements in WWE and known for winning other tough fights against well-known competitors. She was Extreme Championship Wrestling (ESW). The death reason has been found and we going to explore each and every piece of information about her sudden death. The many popular celebrities of WWE give tribute to her and remembering the moments of togetherness. Let’s move to the Wikipedia details and discuss her biography.

WWE Superstar Melissa Coates Passes Away

Melissa Coates Death Reason

Melissa Coates Death reason is still unknown officially and yet to be disclosed but probably she got some health issue suddenly. Recently, she suffered from a leg amputation in 2020 and faced a lot of problems. The news about her death has been revealed on June 24, 2021, and after knowing about her all the wrestling world has mourned for a while, nobody expects this. There no one who can assume that the famous bodybuilder and fitness left the world like this.

Twitter Condolence Over Melissa Coates Death

There are a lot of celebrities and a huge number of followers sharing tweets and posts in remembrance of Melissa Coates. Definitely, no one will replace her and no one can become the next Melissa Coates in the future. We lost a diamond that shines more than stars. Here are some tweets and posts from the Condolence on Melissa Coates Death.


She was a Canadian professional wrestler and earn such huge fame all over the world. She was born on June 18, 1971. She was brought from Canada and with the hard work and dedication of years, the Canadian girl became a WWE superstar. She came in many Television shows the clips of these shows are still available on the internet. Melissa Coates had almost 5.5K followers on her Instagram. But she gives time to her followers and interacts via Instagram live.


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