One of the biggest final speed bumps on the road for the company’s top champions to the biggest show of the year represented by WWE Elimination Chamber with WrestleMania 37 drawings. Let us also tell you that Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre left the event on down notes. But McIntire had narrowly missed both nights, despite both eventually seeing their booked title matches look good. Reigns revolved around a situation where six men would have to battle in the Chamber the same night to play a shot at their title. On the other hand, Mclntyre had to compete in the chamber and survive against the rest of the competitors in the chamber.

WWE Elimination Chamber Winner Name Result 2021 Full Highlights Fights Updates Recap Hd Videos

Now, if we talk about the No. 1 Contendership then Cesaro and Bryan were the first two in the match who enters the ring to fight. After 5 minutes of fun, Corbin were enters the ring and bring another level of interest among viewers. Corbin totally dominating the match until Zayn entry. After Zayn shows his outstanding performance in battling with Cesaro then the entire atmosphere heats up with the shouting and clapping. Later, Cesaro got his first elimination after kicked off Zayn for the first Big Bump of the night.

Just sudden after, Cesaro’s swing and sharpshooter on Corbin cause the elimination of Corbin via submission. Owens was next out, immediately beating Zayn despite pleading with his former friend. The chaos stepped into the ring with the four men and made each other out, making all the big moves as Uso saw from his pod. Owens hit a moonsault onto the four men from the top of the pod to make the entire scenario more energetic and entertaining. At many times, they all eliminate each other to grab the title of the chamber but in the end, Bryan won Elimination Chamber by eliminating Uso via Pinfall.

All the people who watch the match were totally excited and happy after knowing the winner’s name. The fighting between the wrestlers was extremely awesome and cut-throat. In the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns grab the title by defeating Bryan via submission. Many championships happened on a Sunday night and all the people who love to watch the brilliant fighting. All the wrestlers were very amazing and worth watching. Now, if you want to know more information and interesting details about the matches and the fights then stick with us to get all the details at the time.


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