we are going to share shocking news with you that, Wu Yongning’s death news has been reignited again as the video of his falling off skyscraper resurfaced on Reddit. The guy is a 26 years-old Chinese daredevil climber and he well-known person, he is a social media sensation. He rose to prominence with Weibo posts of selfie films and images from atop skyscrapers he climbed with any safety equipment.

Wu Yongning Cause of Death

We have seen many cases like this. People do very stupid things and they leave their life. We should carefully with due our activity. Here we will share all the things about the news, you are on the right page for knowing the information. We will try to cover all the points regarding this news.

Wu Yongning Cause of Death?

according to the report, Wu Yongning was hanging to the edge of the tower he planned to post on his grasp and fell down to his death from the 62-story structure in November 2017. His body was discovered by A window cleaner. Wu was working on his upcoming viral video, which he was about to post on his successful social media account.

However, this incident happened. If they appreciated Wu’s antics, they might give money to him. according to the Morning Bulletin, they have planned to propose to his fiancee the day after the stunt and they had planned to use the money to pay for his wedding and medical treatment for his unwell mother.

Wu Yonging’s video is available on Reddit, Maryllcastelino has posted the video. The post has 254 upvotes, with 51 people commenting on it. The video has over 15 million views online, shows Wu lowering himself over the corner of the building to perform his popular pull-ups. He tries hard to elevate himself back up, though eventually falls out of view of the phone’s camera he had placed up to film his trick.

Stuntman Death Full Video On Reddit

As per the report, girlfriend Wu, who only goes by the name “Jinjin” she that he had a legal agreement with an undisclosed sponor for his upcoming film, which if it went viral, would have earned him 100,000 RMB. His family has confirmed, Wu’s family members also informed local media that he was attempting the dangerous feat as part of a competition for 100,000 Yuan in prize money.

Wu Yongning died at the age of 26 years old. He was known as the Chinese superman. He was very talented, but he have to believe that, he left the world. He videotaped his final climb and the video of his fall was broadcast on the internet a few days later. We pray God gave peace to his soul. Stay connected for more updates.


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