Kulfi cries and says somebody help me. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is such an interesting show and personally i like it a lot. Kulfi is a cute child is shouting for help. Lovely and her friend goes in a car and she provokes Lovely that Sikander does not loves you and he had affair before marriage. Lovely shouts at Sikander. Kulfi becomes so sad and sings a song as usual she does. She sees water coming out and becomes scared. Everyone at the end of tunnel listens her and tries to save her.

kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Some women comes and says this govt. is so bad and we will protest against govt. They shouts and says please help this child and they asks Kulfi to sing as they will know that he is fine there. Kulfi cries in sorrow voice. She prays and remembers her mother. She sings for her mother. Everybody says how sweet is this kid singing.

Rescue team comes and asks Kulfi to calm down and they gives them a ladder. Lovely and Her friend waits in the car and listens to the child. Lovely finds it good. Everybody becomes impressed by Kulfi and says you have so good voice and it seems that you have inherited good voice from your parents.

Lovely thinks who is this child who collected this much crowd. She gets out of the car and tries to see the kid but was not able to see. Sweety says what happened. Lovely says no i do not want to see him. Sweety leaves for her home. Rescue man asks Kulfi that where she lives. Kulfi says i do not have any home here and i am going. Lovely goes home and asks Amyra to sing well. Amyra says i already sing well.

Lovely tells her that there was a kid attracting many people by his singing. She thinks of a idea and thinks she has to get that kid. She goes downstairs and asks who was that kid. Lovely gets to know that he was Kulfi and she becomes shocked. She looks for him. Kulfi runs away from the municipality van and sits. Lovely searches him everywhere and sees him sitting. He asks to come home. Kulfi cries and says i was fell down in tunnel and there was no light. Lovely asks Kulfi to punish her. Kulfi asks Lovely to stand upon one leg. Lovely has some bad motive behind her good nature.


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