World Tourism Day 2020 is coming on 27 September 2020, and Now its time to talk about the sector of the world economy which is extreme affected due to the COVID-pandemic. There is not a single person who did not travel in his life. Travelling is one of the essential things which is like water and food for humans. For daily survival, it is seriously needed that we travel one place to another for our daily lifestyle and to work. It is an essential part of the world economy which contributes a big percentage of money in the development of every country. This time in 2020 due to amid pandemic situation the most affected tourism sector now starts working but not like before. It still needs some time to be efficient.


Date & History of the World Tourism Day

The World Tourism Day is established in 1980 on 27 September. This day is considered a special tourism day by the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation). It is made for the global protection and council for Global tourism. The first celebration was celebrated on 27 September 1980.

Significance of World Tourism Day.

The purpose of this day is only to promote awareness about global tourism. This special day is also made for making Tourism a special category. It is the most important thing as well because we can not assume our daily lifestyle without travel. 90% of People are travel on daily basis worldwide. It is a very important thing for everyone and everywhere whether it is a rural area or urban.

The theme of World Tourism Day 2020

This year this special day is to be celebrated with a special theme according to COVID-pandemic. The Global council has decided that this time the Tourism sector will celebrate its special day through providing job opportunities to the Women’s, Youth as well as rural areas people which could be more helpful and a small tribute toward all the unwanted deaths due to COVID-19. This will be the most memorable theme since the day was established. It may be a Big help to those who lost their jobs in this situation.




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