The world “Animal Day” is celebrated as a mission also to raise the hand for the globe animals and also try to increase the number of animals that are dying in the world. To achieve this, we encourage animal welfare associations, society groups, youth, and children’s clubs, businesses, and individuals to organize exhibitions in celebration of World Animal Day. Now the people are interested in this celebration and the population is in progress. In many countries, the day is celebrated so many different ways. In this celebration, there is no involvement of any religion, politics, faith, and nationality ideology.

Today is World Animal Day, how will you celebrate? - Animal Rescue Professionals Association

World Animal Day, October 4 2019 - Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation

World Animal Day : 4th October

World Animal Day


The world Animal Day was organized by Cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann. The first celebration of the day on 24 March 1925 at the sports palace in Berlin, Germany. The government also has acted to protect the animals and they also have rights. The animal lives also get affects apart from business, society, and nations. The world animal day in every country considers all animal problems, shows their concern for them, and also makes animals front-page news. From this day we just helping to get awareness in the people and due to teaching also. We just try to develop a kind culture in the country.

Origin Of the Animal Day

In which they also help to create justice for all living things and also involve in social progress to make this world place for all living creatures. We just trying to make that world where the animal treated kindly and also take stand for the animals. We are trying to a heart-warming message from people keen to tell us about what being involved with world animal day. We are trying to eliminate any species from the world. Now we have pretty clear image of the origin of World Animal Day.

As we all know about Indian culture, according to the Indians god is available inside the animals. They also worship animals like Cow, Monkey, etc. In India, there is also a ban to kill a Cow. The animal day continues until the peoples reach and connect with this brand. This is the things in which everyone easily involves, whether they belong to any group, association, or any part of the person. To join the group on this big occasion your inspiration and support towards the animal are very grateful. For more updating news stay connect with us.



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