Woolwich Accident Live Updates: The reports show that a crash happened when a moped bike smashed into a phone booth in Woolwich. The crash happened on June 1 which was yesterday on Plumstead Road around 10:30 PM. The rider is expected to be around 23 years old, when was he found at the crash site by the Police. He was immediately taken to the hospital by the London Ambulance Service when he died on the way before reaching the hospital. His family has been informed of the incident and is being supported by the officers.

Woolwich Accident Live Updates Who Was Moped Rider Crashed Into Phonebox On Plumstead Road

According to the reports received from the authorities, the incident happened in Woolwich, South East London. Emergency services were reported by many on social media, being present on Plumstead Road. The western part of the A206 Plumstead road remained blocked as the traffic was gathering because of the accident. Woolwich Accident Live Updates

What Happened At Plumstead Road?

There have not been any official statements on how the accident actually happened. The details of the rider are also not revealed as of date. But, we will get them to you as soon as we get them. Most of the information has been received from the photos that were revealed on social media. Not much has been revealed by the authorities.

Even though there has not been any official info, there have been rumors of some people witnessing the accident and what actually happened. The police are interrogating the witnesses.

Who Was Moped Rider In Woolwich Accident?

There is also a rumor that the accident was actually a plotted attempt to murder to take vengeance upon the victim. The Police are looking through the CCTV footage they could find to look for any clue to proceed with the case. They have informed us that they are investigating thoroughly and they expect everyone to co-operate with them.

The family of the deceased was shocked to hear about the death of their young son and it must be a really difficult time for them. They have co-operated with the authorities thus far with their investigation. They are keenly waiting for the result of the investigation.

We will be keeping our eyes on this case and any information that will be put out. Let us hope that authorities reveal more about the deceased. So, be on the lookout as we will be covering everything related to the Woolwich Accident at Plumstead Road and if what happened was actually an accident or a plot to kill the young rider.

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