Women Arrested For Miscarriage: Do you know that miscarriage is a criminal offense and a lady could also face a jail sentence for not managing a full-time pregnancy? Recently a report claimed that several women have been arrested for not carrying a pregnancy for a full span. Concerns have been raised and evolved as the rights of reproduction advocates said that the reversal of Roe V. Wade’s decision no longer provides the constitutional protection for miscarriage. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Women Arrested For Miscarriage

Women Arrested For Miscarriage

In addition, a report by National Advocates for Pregnant Women also claimed that the pregnancy loss or miscarriage already pulls women to jail and it could also get worse after the Roe world. There are several imperative aspects to learn about the miscarriage advocate rules. You are advised to keep reading this article to learn who the women who have been jailed for not holding the pregnancy for the complete span. Scroll down.

As per the source, seven women have been sent to jail for not carrying the pregnancy till the birth of the child. According to the report, we have learned the stories of seven women who have been sent to jail for not being able to hold a pregnancy to the full span. Those seven deemed criminals are identified as Kenlissia Jones, Chelse Becker, Adore Perez, Regina McKnight, Lizalle Herrera, Brittany Poolaw, and Marshae Jones. No matter what were the reasons and what were the circumstances for losing the pregnancy all of these have been sent to jail. Let’s discuss some cases in the next sections of this article.

According to a report shared by the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, 71% of women were not able to afford the expense of the pregnancy and 59% of women were black. This issue raised an alarm across the country and led the organizations to gather reports. There was one case in Oklahoma where a woman 19 years of age went to a hospital as she was feeling the pain of miscarriage. Meanwhile, that woman was later charged with manslaughter and now she is serving a four years jail sentence. That woman revealed that she consumed meth during the pregnancy which became the cause of the death of her infant.

In another case, a woman named Marshae Jones from Alabama was shot due to which her fetus died. Later Marshae Jones was charged and arrested as she started the feud. Now she is also serving a jail sentence. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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