There are lots of football leagues are running in the world and fans are going more crazy to watch and play for the league. Not play in reality as we are talking about Dream11 prediction. If you are getting bored and want to watch one more exciting match so, the Women’s Champions League 2021 is coming with one more amazing match of the league.


The league has introduced various matches in this league and today, two teams of the league are going to play another battle on the football ground and they are team VfL Wolfsburg (WOL-W) and team Servette FCCF (SVT-W) are going to play there another match of the league. They have already played their first match and now, the time for 2nd match has come.

We always come with the latest information of the league such as its time, date, venue, league, venue, and probable lineups player. The league is ready to show their talent on the football ground and it will be interesting to watch them again on the ground with their new skills.

Also, the women’s power will be also seen on the ground. Many people are searching for the venue so, let us tell you that the match will take place under the UEFA Women’s Champions League at AOK Stadion and you can also watch the live streaming of the match on DAZN that will be free to watch.

WOL-W vs SVT-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- VfL Wolfsburg (WOL-W) vs Servette FCCF (SVT-W)
  • League:- UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021-22
  • Venue:- AOK Stadion
  • Date:- Wednesday, October 13, 2021
  • Time:- 10:15 PM IST

WOL-W vs SVT-W: Team Squad

VfL Wolfsburg (WOL-W):- Dominique Janssen, Sofie Svava, Julia Kassen, Kathrin Hendrich, Almuth Schult, Lara Dickenmann, Karina Saevik, Lena Oberdorf, Sara Doorsoun, Lotta Cordes, Alexandra Popp, Joelle Wedemeyer, Pia-Sophie Wolter, Ewa Pajor, Svenja Huth, Ingrid Engen, Katarzyna Kiedrzynek, Fridolina Rolfö, Shanice van de Sanden, Rebecka Blomqvist, Felicitas Rauch, Friederike Abt, Lena Goessling, Anna Blässe, Lisanne Grawe, Pauline Bremer, and Zsanett Jakabfi.

Servette FCCF (SVT-W):- Amandine Soulard, Gabriela Cutura, Mónica Mendes, Alyssa Lagonia, Laura Felber, Sandy Mändly, Tatiana Dumauthioz, Léonie Fleury, Elodie Nakkach, Laura Tufo, Natalia Padilla-Bidas, Ines Sebayang, Marta Peiró, Ilona Guede Redondo, Paula Serrano, Alyssa Grivaz, Thais Hurni, Ines Pereira, Nathalia Spälti, Laura Droz, Tessa Tamplin, Jade Boho, and Daïna Bourma.

WOL-W vs SVT-W: Lineups Player

VfL Wolfsburg (WOL-W):- D. Janssen, J. Wedemeyer, K. Hendrich, A. Schult, P. Wolter, L. Oberdorf, F. Rauch, S. Huth, T. Waßmuth, J. Roord, and L. Lattwein.

Servette FCCF (SVT-W):- L. Felber, L. Fleury, M. Peiró Giménez, T. Hurni, M. Mendes, I. Pereira, A. Soulard, J. Boho, É. Nakkach, P. Serrano, and S. Mändly.

WOL-W vs SVT-W: Match Prediction

It will be the 2nd day of the league and both teams are standing in Group A and ready to play their 2nd match. It will be interesting to watch both teams on the field. Team WOL-W is standing on the 2nd spot with 1 point.

They won their first match. On the other side, team SVT-W is standing on the 4th position with 0 points and they lost their first match in this league. The expert’s advice says that team WOL-W has more chances to win this match.


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