Team RKC Waalwijk (WLK) and team FC Twente (TWE) is all set to entertain the fans with their another match tonight. Both teams are ready to play their match and show their amazing skills on the football ground. It will be interesting to watch this fabulous match tonight.

WLK vs TWE live score

The battle will take place under the Dutch League. The league is known for introducing some back-to-back matches. According to the sources, every single team has played 23 matches in the league. Now, all the teams will start to play the 24th match of the day.

WLK vs TWE Live Score

Here, we are going to share some important details of the match related to the time, date, venue, league, and many more details. In this match, Jens Odgaard, Alexander Buttner, Jurien Gaari, Michel Vlap, and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel are the best player for today’s match.

You can also buy the tickets of the match from the official website of the league. It will be interesting to watch this match on the football ground. So, get ready to watch this battle that will be started in just a few hours. It will be amazing to see the battle here. Keep reading to know more details.

WLK vs TWE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- RKC Waalwijk (WLK) vs FC Twente (TWE)
  • League:- Dutch League
  • Venue:- Mandemakers Stadion
  • Date:- Saturday, February 26, 2022
  • Time:- 07:00 PM IST

WLK vs TWE: Team Squad

RKC Waalwijk (WLK):- Alexander Buttner, Said Bakari, Vurnon Anita, Iliass Bel Hassani, Michiel Kramer, Sebbe Augustijns, David Min, Achraf El-Bouchataoui, Yassin Oukili, Lars Nieuwpoort, Roy Kuijpers, Joel Castro Pereira, Issam El-Maach, Etienne Vaessen, Melle Meulensteen, Hans Mulder, Shawn Adewoye, Dario van den Buijs, Ahmed Touba, Mark Spenkelink, Richard van der Venne, Lennerd Daneels, Jens Odgaard, Jurien Gaari, Thierry Lutonda, Finn Stokkers, Luuk Wouters, and Ayman Azhil.

FC Twente (TWE):- Giovanni Troupee, Jesse Bosch, Ramiz Zerrouki, Michal Sadilek, Dimitrios Limnios, Manfred Ugalde, Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Kik Pierie, Max Bruns, Casper Staring, Michel Vlap, Denilho Cleonise, Vaclav Cerny, Jahnoah Markelo, Julio Pleguezuelo, Jeffrey De Lange, Ennio van der Gouw, Luca Everink, Mees Hilgers, Wout Brama, Virgil Misidjan, Daan Rots, Lars Unnerstall, Joshua Brenet, Robin Propper, and Gijs Smal.

WLK vs TWE: Lineups Player

RKC Waalwijk (WLK):- Jens Odgaard, Melle Meulensteen, Hans Mulder, Shawn Adewoye, Dario van den Buijs, Alexander Buttner, Said Bakari, Vurnon Anita, Etienne Vaessen, Iliass Bel Hassani, and Michiel Kramer.

FC Twente (TWE):- Robin Propper, Gijs Smal, Michal Sadilek, Dimitrios Limnios, Lars Unnerstall, Joshua Brenet, Manfred Ugalde, Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Giovanni Troupee, Jesse Bosch, and Ramiz Zerrouki.

WLK vs TWE: Match Details

The match is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting to watch this amazing match tonight. According to the sources, team TWE is at the 5th spot with 12 victories out of 21 matches where they lost 5 matches. On the other side, team WLK is at 13th spot with 23 matches where they won 5 matches and lost 10 matches. According to their last gameplay, team TWE has more chances to take victory in this match tonight.


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