Netflix animated film is moving in the air Yes we are talking about Wish Dragon. The movie is on trend and we are here because we want to explore some important and interesting facts about this animation film. Firstly we have to know basic info. So let’s start from here. The film is directed by Chris Appelhans who made such awesome films people start to think about Disney’s blue genie etc. So why are you waiting for me? Scroll the page right now.

wish dragon

Wish Dragon is a simple direct connection with the dragon and Aladdin which can make everyone cry and you cant hold your emotions after watching this film. According to the details it is officially available on Netflix and if you have your subscription then don’t wait for a while. Enjoy this amazing super fantastic animation film on your screen.

If we talk about the story, so technically it is China’s ancient wish dragon legend. Somewhere the story is relatable with the ancient Arabian of Aladdin & Genie. Where Genie fulfills the wishes of Aladdin. In this film you will see a story like the wet-blanket “be careful what you wish for” trope, where an unlucky so-and-so’s poorly worded request inevitably backfires, teaching that person he was better off without whatever lust magic may have rustled up inside him.

As you know it is an animation film so here are cast who give their voice in this movie. The star cast did the best work and due to the amazing voice and great timing. It is looking like there is no lap between the scene and voice. Here is the Dragon Wish full Star Cast name with a complete crew.

  • Jimmy Wong as Din
  • Ian Chen as Young Din
  • John Cho as Long
  • Max Charles as Young Long
  • Constance Wu as Mrs. Song
  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Lina
  • Alyssa Abiera as Young Lina
  • Jimmy O. Yang as Weichi
  • Aaron Yoo as Pockets
  • Will Yun Lee as Mr. Wang
  • Ronny Chieng as Pipa God
  • Bobby Lee as Diao

Do you know? audience like this movie so much and the popularity can be assumed by its rating over the raising platforms. Currently, when we write this article, Wish Dragon has 7.1/10 Ratings on IMDB which is seriously amazing and exciting. It is an almost 1h 38min film and premiered on NEtflix.


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