Another Win-Win Lottery Result W 601 will be announced by the officials very soon. The Kerala Lottery Department will be revealed the correct result of the lottery at Sree Chithira’s home auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. The lottery will be announced every Monday by the officials to give a wave of happiness to all the people who participate and win the prize money. So, if you want to change your lifestyle in just one day then it is the best and most genuine option to grab the highest prize of the lottery by purchasing just one ticket. Every Monday, the announcement will be held at 03:00 PM and end at 04:00 PM.Win-Win W-601 Lottery Result Kerala State 1-02-2021 Lottery Live Updates Results

The cost of the one ticket of Win-Win Lottery W 601 is Rs. 30 only. All the people can buy this lottery by paying a very decent amount of Rs. 30. The price distribution among winners is given below that explained in detail. Every week, millions of people purchase tickets to become Millionaire in just one day. If your luck with you while you playing the lottery then you maybe win it. Many people purchase many tickets to increase their chances of the win. And if they win then they will get a very huge bumper amount that completely changed their life in just one day.

The highest prize or the first prize of the lottery that will be going to revealed in just a few hours is Rs. 65 Lakhs that taken by one winner. After that, the second prize of Win-Win  Lotter Result W 601 is set to Rs. 10 Lakhs and the third prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. The second prize will be also taken by one winner but the third prize will be given by the officials to 12 winners. While the consolation prize will be given by officials to a huge number of winners. This is the primary week lottery in the state of Kerala and the result of the Win-Win W-601 lottery is the major week Janembar result.

The timing of the lottery is scheduled for 03:00 Pm today on 2nd February 2021. If you previously participated in the lottery then don’t miss to know the result because maybe your luck will going to shine today. The result will be updated here and you will get the result when you refresh the page or you will also get the result on the official portals of the lottery. Win-Win Lottery Result W-601 will be announced by the official to unveiling the name of the winner who will take a decent amount of Rs. 65 Lakhs. So, stick with us to get more information about the lotteries and the results of the lotteries.


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