Wimbledon Tennis Prize Money 2022 In Pound: According to the reports, the tennis tournament Wimbledon 2022 has been organized at the All England Club in London. There are also reports, that Wimbledon 2022 has increased the prize money for the winner in the year 2022. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Wimbledon Tennis Prize Money

Wimbledon Tennis Prize Money 2022 In Pound

In 2022, Wimbledon 2022 will be giving different prize money to the upcoming tournament’ men’s and women’s winners. Here is the finalized list of the prize money for the winners of each round of the tournament:-

How Much Do Winners Win Per Round?

  • $61,000 – For the winner of the first round
  • $96,000 – For the winner of the second round
  • $147,000 – For the winner of the third round
  • $233,000 – For the winner of the fourth round
  • $380,000 – For the quarterfinalist
  • $636,000 – For the winner of the semifinals
  • $1.29 million For the winner of the finals
  • $2.5 million – For the final winner

Wimbledon’s decision to increase the prize money for the winners of the different rounds is liked by most of the players who have participated in the competitions, and this has also motivated a lot of players to participate in the games. The increase in the prize money of the game has put a thirst in the players to win the match. However, the prize money of $2.5 is a huge sum for the winner, and this much of the amount is already won by some of the winners who played the game earlier by participating in the game.

In 2022, Wimbledon put a ban on the teams of Russia and Belarussia, because of the decision of their country’s president Vladamir Putin to occupy Ukraine, and this is one of the reasons why the rankings of the game have decreased in the year 2022.

According to the reports, for the last 6 days from the time when the tournament started, Wimbledon has seen a decrease of a total of 7% of the total attendance as compared with the last year, even when there were a lot of Covid cases in the entire world.

All England Club CEO has shared to the media, that it was a difficult and one of the most challenging decisions to ban some particular teams from specific countries. The decision was taken by the team Wimbledon after the suggestion of every member of it, and Wimbledon is sure that it would be one of the best decisions they would ever have made. There was no direct way to go against the things that Russia and Belarussia have been doing, so this is one of the things that they could do from their sides. Each and everyone have a different view about the decision, but the All England Club will always support the decision.


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