Recently, a new talk of the town hitting the internet in which Willow Smith and De’Wayne spotted together kissing on cheeks. Now, they both getting uncounted people who talk about the incident. Many people want to know the entire incident that actually happened. Let us tell you that they both hung with each other the sun on Miami Beach.

Willow Smith and De’Wayne

The names are well-known all over the world and they both appear in the controversy in which people claim that they are dating each other. There were lots of people on the beach who saw them while they both wrapped each other in arms and shared a passionate kiss on the cheek.

Who is Willow Smith’s boyfriend?

Let us also tell you that Willow wore a black and white sports bra and maroon and white tie-dye sweatpants and black shoes, and De’Wayne was shirtless, wearing black pants with white stars on top of them. The couple, who sparked romance rumors, chatted happily while showing PDA.

In addition to their PDA, Willow was screened for testing what appeared to be Covid-19. She saw while sitting on the lounge chair and being tested with a cotton swab. As De’Wayne saw, a woman wearing gloves knelt next to Willow and put a swab in her mouth.

So far, the claims of their relationship are not confirmed yet. But, many people speculate that they both are happy with each other and also dating. As everyone knows that Willow is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Talking about her past relationship, she was involved with Tyler Cole.

Willow Smith and De’Wayne Spotted Together Kissing

Not only this, but she has also said that she is polyamorous. On the other hand, De’Wayne is a very popular singer and rapper who is well-known for his aggressive and popular rock ’n’ roll and punk. He worked in different songs and gained lots of popularity because of his unique and excellent singing skills.

In an interview, he stated that he left behind his family in Houston for Los Angeles when he was just 19. Now, they both appear in the rumors that they both are dating each other. So far, the confirmation of the rumor has not arrived yet.

We will update all the information when we get any detail related to the relationship between Willow and De’Wayne. If they both will claim that they are dating each other and planning for their future then we will update all the information here.


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