Why was Williamsport Principal Arrested? Charges Explained: This news is regarding the arrest of a High School Principal who was arrested on the felony of s3x assault charges. The High School incident is related to the principal of Williamsport High School. He was arrested on Tuesday having committed multiple felonies. There was a charge of having over 30 felonies and an s3xual relationship that has been there for a long time. The relationship is alleged to be with a male student who was being guided by the principal and was the leading authority, as the state police stated. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Williamsport Principal Arrested

Williamsport Principal Arrested

The principal that is the culprit is named Roger Weaver Freed and is 34 years old. He used to reside in 1131 Pleasant Hill Road, Cogan Station, and was charged with 30 counts of vulgar and indecent acts that were with a student, one count of s3xual assault, aggravated indecent assault, corrupting the morals of a minor, and 3 counts of providing alcohol to a minor and forced to drink it. Roger was set to take the role of head principal of WAHS and get promoted from being the ninth-grade principal.

According to the police, the relationship between the teacher and student started allegedly in 2014-15 after the student approached him after noticing that the other students had faith in him. He was the emotional support that was trusted by the students and he took advantage of that faith and lured the student into being indecent and doing vulgar acts. The student admitted to the police that he had trusted Roger like he was an older brother to him.

Roger had volunteered to drive the student to many different locations and used to have one on one conversations with him. Over time the meeting started to take a turn for the worse after the principal started approaching the student in an indecent way. A comforting touch was later converted into an intimate massage and things turned bad from there as Roger started progressing his actions further in the wrong direction. It finally turned into an s3xual relationship in 2017.

He used to engage with the student s3xually every time he was with him in the dark. He used to ask the student not to tell anyone about whatever was happening as Roger would lose his job. He assured him by saying that it was ok for brothers to please each other, as stated by the police. The relationship ended only after the student went on to college in 2022. Roger was filed with many criminal charges. He was later released on $175k intensive supervised bail and was made to wear a monitor on the ankle.


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