The most disheartening thing to hear from the MWC 2018 was that the model design of iPhone X is about to be cloned. According to the Android design makers, the notch is the only way to enhance the display-to-body ratio in the Smartphones, and now they have already reached their destinations already.

Will the Pixel 3 have a notch just as that of the iPhone X?, google pixel, iphone

Almost every Smartphone in the Android operating system can get the best scores when it comes to great, high-quality resolutions, and 18:9 displays. But, the best among them all is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Xperia XZ2. But, none of these models come with extended screens that have got edges like the iPhone X.

The design of iPhone X was given the best possible validation by Google the other day. The only company that everybody wants to be associated with and that has an operating system that is on top of every other counterpart is Google. Now, this big company is reported to have said that it wants to ensure that all the X phone clones will get a fair amount of user interfaces.

Although it is a great compliment for Apple, Google made its way easy to acknowledge the spearheaded new Smartphone from Apple and its evolution in the screen designing. If you are not satisfied with the outcomes, you can fight for it all you want, but that is certainly not the one that other companies are trying to copy. It is the fruit Phone X designs that people want the designs of.

Does it explain the Google pixel 3 about to have a notch like the iPhone X?

As similar to the Nexus devices, the Pixel is the latest Android innovation of Google. Google is very particular about its reputation, and it does not want to show the world that it has copied all the features of the android systems and is not making anything of its own. This is the reason why Google has decided to feature its Pixel phones with all the android features, but along with it, the notch would be included.

Although there are no such rumors about the phone features yet on the internet, so, it cannot be clarified that the phone would be having a notch or not.


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