Will Elon Musk Help Amber Heard To Clear $15 Million Lawsuit?: The jury found Amber guilty of making false statements and tarnishing his ex-husband’s image Johny Deep, she had to pay $15 million, as this is the award for Johny Deep. She also didn’t pay 3.5 million to the ACLU charity, for the divorce settlement. In 2016, She got $7 million in a divorce settlement from Johny, she also worked in movies, in which she worked in ” Aquaman” and the second part of this movie and earned millions. She promised to donate that money to the American Civil Liberties Union. But she didn’t pay them yet, as she is now in a lawsuit of Deep.

Will Elon Musk Help Amber Heard To Clear  Million Lawsuit

According to some estimates, In 2016, she got 5 million dollars in the settlement of divorce. When these couple part ways, She also gets 2 million from his ex-husband in the case against Waldman. Also, before bankrupt, she had around 7 million USD. But her boyfriend Elon Musk who has a net worth of $229.7 Billion, So he can pay her this amount to clear her from this case as soon as possible. Will Elon Musk Help Amber Heard To Clear $15 Million Lawsuit?

What Will Happen To Amber If She Will Not Pay $15 Million?

Well, if Amber wasn’t able to pay the amount charged by the judiciary to her, she have to go in jail, for not following the orders of the court. Johnny Deep has filed this case and wants $50 million from his ex-wife. If this ever happens she has to face many problems in her career & personal life.

She said that she don’t have that money to pay him. But if she really can’t pay, this will reduce $10 million from her charges, but still, she has to pay $350,000 for the damage she causes to Johny. The whole trial is over now and this trial was just to know the truth, as said by Rahmani.

Will Elon Musk Help Amber Heard To Clear $15 Million Lawsuit?

Though this huge amount is nothing for him, as his one-day income is 41 Million dollars. As per reports, Elon Musk asked Amber to move on and his ex-husband too. He also said both are incredible at their place. We believed that he will surely help his girlfriend to clear this 15 million lawsuit. If she allows him to clear her charges and can get free from this drama. We will update you if she is able to pay the money or not. Stay connected with our website to know the latest updates on Technology, Entertainment, Science, and many more.

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