Is Wilfried Zaha Arrested On Barnet London? Rape Charges On Premier League Player: the London Police announced that one of the most famous football players got arrested for allegedly raping a woman. Due to the legal procedure, the Police have not shared the identity of the football player and the victim. Follow More Updates On

Wilfried Zaha Arrested

Is Wilfried Zaha Arrested On Barnet London?

According to the Police, the anonymous football player raped the woman in the month of June, and the woman reported the incident with her to the police on the 4th of June. The Police have announced that the culprit football player’s age is around 29.

After the arrest of an anonymous football player, all the social media platforms have flooded with lots of speculations about some of the football players of Great Britain. Some netizens have claimed that Crystal Place, Thomas Partey, Wilfried Zaha, and a few others, are similar to the age of the culprit as the police have announced in their statement. However, all the fans of the football players who have been in the speculation, are claiming that their ideal players have not raped any woman in the past month.

Premier League Player Arrested

For a period of some time, Thomas Partey was in trend for raping an unknown woman, but he proved all the speculation about himself wrong by uploading one of his videos from Germany claiming that he was never in jail for such kind of crime. However, it is still not confirmed to put any football player’s name for committing the crime of raping a woman until the investigation authority and the police announce on their own, but still, now, Wilfried Zaha is being in the speculations for making physical contact with an unidentified woman without her consent. Some netizens have predicted that Wilfried Zaha got arrested by the police because the description that the police shared matches the identity of Wilfried Zaha.

The Police released the statement on 4 July, that the football player is 29 years old, the player plays at the highest level in international and national football matches, and he is a resident of North London.

As it is mentioned by the police that the football player is 29 years old, so Wilfried Zaha is also of the same age, but he is not a resident of South London as the police mentioned in their official statement. However, there is no official statement by Wilfried Zaha that would prove that the player is in custody and that he has never done such kind of crime to make physical contact with a woman without her permission.


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