Another shocking news hitting the internet that Lawyer Kitty Kumaramangalam was murdered in her home in Delhi. The incident took place on Tuesday night and the wife of former Union minister P Rangarajan Kumaramangalam was allegedly murdered by someone in her home. The age of the victim was 67 and she has actually done many things for the country. The lady was murdered by three people in which one has been already arrested by the police. Currently, the investigation is going on and the police are regularly searching to find the two more accused involved in the murder case of Kitty Kumaramangalam.

P Rangarajan Kumaramangalam murder

Kitty Kumaramangalam Found Murdered in Delhi

The deputy commissioner of police (South West), Ingit Pratap Singh confirmed that one person has been arrested by the police. The name of the person who was arrested by the police is Raju Lakhhan who is a washerman of 24 years old. In southwest Delhi’s Vasant  Vihar, the man visits Kitty Kumaramangalam’s house on Tuesday at 9 PM with his associates. Let us also tell you that the man was working for Kumaramangalam for the last five years. The man enters her home with two more accused and murdered Kitty Kumaramangalam to stole jewelry and money.

The official statement of Edit Pratap Singh said “In the meantime, two other boys entered and overpowered Kitty Kumaramangalam. They smothered her using a pillow”. The main motive to kill the lady to stole money and jewelry from her house. First, the accused enter the home and overpowered her,

one accused dragged her to a room and tied her. Later, another accused smothered her using a pillow. The lady was not able to survive the attack because three accused overpowered a single old lady to steal the money and the jewellery.

Kitty Kumaramangalam Wiki-Bio Age

Later, Manju, the domestic worker found her died and tied in a room. She also informs the police about the incident and also called neighbours for help. After the police reached the place, the investigation begins immediately even one accused was arrested by the police. The deputy commissioner of police also informed the son of Kitty Kumaramangalam about the incident. Her son living in Bengaluru.

Now, the investigation is going on and the search operation of two more accused is going on. We will update here all the information related to the incident as we get any updates related to this.


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