The dining room is a shared space where most group activities happen. The difference between the dining room and other shared spaces is it’s the one place mobile devices aren’t allowed. Interactions are genuine as everyone sits down to enjoy their time together.

You can choose a twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six-month package and manage your payment in low monthly increments.

It’s not just a space to sit and enjoy a meal; it’s a space where life-changing decisions are shared, family members are celebrated. It’s a gathering spot for birthdays, holidays, family projects, schoolwork, career work, and much more. That’s what makes picking the right dining set for your home so crucial. You want a set that serves as a beautiful backdrop to life’s precious moments.

These are reasons a round dining set is an ideal option for your home. Rounded edges are easier to walk around and don’t have the same potential for harm as sharp corners. If you have children, then round tables are the safest option.

Also, round tables are perfect for entertaining as everyone can face each other, and no one is excluded from the conversation. Because there are no legs, they also allow extra guests to pull up a chair and become a part of the conversation. Find a dining room table that’s round extendable if you need extra room for serving dishes or visitors.

You may believe a dining set that special will be a huge expense. That’s not so. If you shop online, you’ll see a lot of sales on dining room sets. With so many options online, how would you know you’re getting the best deal?

Retailers keep prices high because it’s better for their bottom line, but it puts a strain on the average consumer’s wallet. Retail stores have overhead fees they pay to keep their businesses running. The debt is passed on to customers instead of major retailers using their profits to pay these bills. That’s why they raise prices and charge delivery fees. 1Stop Bedrooms only works with the manufacturers to get the furniture to you.

They don’t pay third parties, so they only pass you the savings. You’ll find dining room sets with discounts of up to 65% off. There’s also a low-cost, price-match guarantee that ensures you have found the best deal. Call a customer service agent to receive a price adjustment if you see an identical set at another store for less.

That’s not the end of the savings; click on the Coupons link and select one that fits your order. There are manufacturer coupons available as well as discounts based on the final price of your order.

You’ll find a large number of brand-name manufacturers’ at unbelievably low costs. Industry leaders like Ashley, Liberty, or Tommy Bahama are on sale. Use the filter to search particular brands by color, style, and price point.

If you don’t have all of the money to pay today,  apply for financing. You can choose a twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six-month package and manage your payment in low monthly increments.

Visit the 1Stop Bedrooms website today for great savings.


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