Maybe, it will be the happiest moment among Reed’s family as their beloved family member is coming back home after spending his three years of life in a Russian jail. According to the sources, Trevor Reed, a former United States Marine spent his nearly three years in jail, and now, he is coming back to homeland after the United States and Russia come to the end of the deal to carry out a prisoner exchange Wednesday, April 27, 2022, despite the breakdown in relations between these two countries in the wake of President of Russian, Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

who is trevor reed

Along with this, the US agreed to the exchange of a Russian drug trafficker to send him to Russia, and the trafficker was serving a prison sentence in America in exchange for Trevor Reed. The reports say that he was serving a nine-year sentence in Russia. The officials of the US had been in contact with Reed’s family and had been working on the release of Reed from Russian jail at least last year. Some pictures and videos of his release is also going viral on social media and maybe, it would be the happiest moment for Reed and his parents who is going to see their child once again as they lost hope.

Who Is Trevor Reed?

According to the official sources, Reed is a 30-years-old former United States Marine. He was arrested in Moscow, while on a trip in August 2019. He was a resident of Texas at the time of his arrest and grew up in California. The family also set up a website to call for his release. He enlisted in the Marines as an infantryman in 2011. He had been a Marine Presidential Guard.

During the administration of former President Barak Obama, he was tasked with the protection of Vice President Joe Biden at Camp David. He was discharged from his responsibilities in Marine in 2016. After completing his service to the nation, he took the University of North Texas where he started to learn Russian Language classes, as per his family’s established website.

Why Was Trevor Reed Arrested?

As per the reports, Reed visited Russia with his girlfriend, Lina Tsybulnik in 2016 when he was being arrested by cops. He was detained in Moscow city after exiting a car on a busy road while drunk. Along with this, he was also alleged to grab the arm of an officer while in transit to the police station, causing the vehicle of police to diverge into another lane. The Reed family had been putting their efforts to release their son from a Russian jail.


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