An unknown name has been capturing the huge attention of people around the world. There are lots of controversies circulating on the Internet and players from A Premier League are also going viral among fans. According to the sources, Premier League star was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend after which she called the police.

Premier League Arrested

He was tipped for international honors was criticized when police raided his home. According to the sources, it is also said that the star used to send her abusive messages at late-night.

Why Was Premier League Footballer Arrested?

As per the reports, the player also hired lawyers before agreeing on a payout to her thought to be a five-figure sum in an out-of-court settlement. This incident appeared after Manchester United star Mason Greenwood who is just 20 was arrested and later bailed a month on suspicion of rape, threats, and assault to kill.

The reports were provided from sources of football,” it was disturbing for them, especially disclosing after the incident of Greenwood. In this case, the footballer also used his money to hire lawyers to sort this case as soon as possible and keep it out of the eyes of the public. He also reached the settlement and silenced the girl effectively and stopped the court actions.

The sources also added that the claims were very serious that includes at least one allegation of domestic assault. Along with this, the police also confirmed that they were called but there was no further action held over the player because the “community resolution” was agreed upon. But, there are some false cases also appearing in the community where a player was arrested in 2019 for legal reasons and is no longer in a relationship with his accuser.

According to the Women’s Aid and founder of the Football United Against Domestic Violence, the campaign believes that the players used the money to sweep these cases under the carpet.

She stated,” this case shows how the significant amount of power and money within football can mean that allegations of domestic abuse or other forms of violence against women by players are seen as issues to be managed”.

As we have told about Mason Greenwood, later, the player was suspended by Man United after his images and videos related to some disturbance were posted on social media. After this news, many people started to search about the girl and the players as well who took this action.


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