Recently, a piece of big news has been hitting the internet that Pennsylvania-based dentist Dr. Lawrence Rudolph has been arrested for murdering his wife. Let us tell you that he killed his wife during an African hunting safari in 2016. The crime was a portion of insurance fraud and also his try to leave the wedding and live with his long-term mistress.

Who is Lawrence Rudolph

Let us also tell you that the doctor has founded the Three Rivers Dental Group and he is 67 years old. Now, he has been charged in Colorado with foreign murder and wire fraud. Let us tell you that when he was on a trip with his wife, he shot her dead.

Who is Lawrence Rudolph?

The name of his wife is Bianca and they both were on a family vacation in Zambia. Now, the criminal complaint was unsealed last week that was filed against Rudolph. Let us tell you that they both are in a relationship before tying the knot with each other.

Not only this, but he also took seven life insurance policies against his wife. Let us also tell you that all the policies were adjusted a month before her murder. Some sources claimed that both Rudolph and Bianca were avid hunters.

In October 2016, the two went to Zambia because Bianca wanted to kill a leopard. On October 11, gamekeepers and scouts heard a gunshot from their cabin and later discovered her on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest. Rudolph declared that he was in the restroom when the incident occurred.

Dentist Accused of Murdering Wife on Africa Hunting

He said that Bianca had accidentally shot herself with her 12-gauge Browning shotgun. The case has come to the fore today and many people are searching to know some more information related to this incident. So far, Dr. Lawrence Rudolph has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife.

Talking about the official statements, Colorado Medical Examiner said “In my opinion, it would be physically impossible to accidentally fire this shotgun in its carrying case and produce the entrance defect noted on the body of Ms. Rudolph. The tip of the carrying case was most likely at least two feet away from Ms. Rudolph when the weapon was discharged, regardless of whether it was on a cylinder or full choke settings.

In addition, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Ms. Rudolph to reach the trigger of this weapon, even if it was held in the case with the muzzle pressed against her chest”. Now, stay connected with us for more details on the same topic.


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