Recently, news of the arrest has been hitting the internet in which the name of Latira Shonty Hunt is surfacing. Many people already heard this name previous on 7th November because she encourage her daughter to punch a competitor during the game. Let us tell you that Hunt is a mother of a high school student who attacked her opponent during a game.

Why Was Latira Shonty Hunt Arrested

Talking about the game, it was played in Garden Grove on 7th November 2021. If we talk about the victim, her name is Lauryn Ham who got a bruised neck after getting a brutal punch from the opponent during a game.

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Why Was Latira Shonty Hunt Arrested?

After the incident become the very big talk of the town, Hunt has been charged with several criminal charges for persuading her 15-year-old daughter towards violent behavior. Now, she has been arrested for this incident that her daughter did during a game with her opponent.

If we talk about the charges on Hunt, she is facing various charges in which battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor included. If her crime is convicted, she will face a year in prison. Now, the investigation is already going on and everyone just waiting to watch what will happen next.

As per The Orange County DA, the incident could not have been done by her daughter if she did not speak those words. Talking about her words, she said “You better hit her for that”. By saying this, she encourages her daughter to punch the opponent player to win the game.

The video when she punches the opponent player has gone viral on social media and many people criticize the player who punches very brutally the opponent player because she can’t allow her to basket the ball.

Let us also tell you that Latira Shonty Hunt is the wife of former NBA player Corey Benjamin. In the video, we can clearly see that when her daughter punched the opponent, she immediately fall down on the floor and did not show any response. The victim girl got a bruised neck after getting a deadly punch. Let us also tell you that Latira Shonty Hunt is not the wife of Corey Benjamin because they both just dated and never married.

The couple shares a daughter of a 15-year-old who landed herself in controversy last month. The video in which Latira’s daughter is seen hitting the opponent very brutally went viral on social media.


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