A woman of 41 years old has been arrested for manslaughter for allegedly killing her boyfriend. The name of the girl is Karen Read and she has been charged with manslaughter. The woman has killed her own boyfriend named John O’Keefe and also she is accused of running over the Boston police officer. She also left her boyfriend dead in a snowbank last week. According to The Boston Globe, Read partied with O’Keefe on Friday night and declined her off at a party at a friend’s house early Saturday. The house is discovered near 34 Fairview Road in Canton.

Why Was Karen Read Arrested

Why Was Karen Read Arrested

However, a drunk Reid allegedly hit the officer with his SUV while turning. The next morning, she saw her damaged vehicle and started searching for her enthusiast, who was unaware of her whereabouts. Reed reportedly approached a friend and went back to Fairview Road, while trying to recognize what had occurred the night before. According to The Daily Mail, her companions said she was yet drunk in the morning and could not remember the events of the earlier evening. Not only this but just after that Read and her friends found O’Keefe lying unconscious in the snow.

Along with it, he was also bleeding from his nose and mouth. He also had deep wounds on his arms, swollen eyes, and a fractured skull. The woman allegedly attempted to revive her boyfriend and told first responders “I hit him. I hit him. I hit him. I hit him”. O’Keefe was instantly taken to Good Samaritan Hospital but was enunciated dead upon appearance. Besides being a 16-year vet in the police force, the 46-year-old was also the sole caretaker of his orphaned niece and nephew. The Boston Police Department was stunned at the officer’s tragic passing, saying he was “an exemplary parent, son, brother, uncle, and friend”.

Karen Reid is a finance professor at Mansfield. She was newly assessed with “murder, motor vehicle manslaughter and leaving the scene of a collision” for allegedly running over her boyfriend, John O’Keefe, while intoxicated. Read works as a finance professor at Bentley University in Massachusetts. She also operates as an equity analyst at Fidelity. According to her LinkedIn profile, the 41-year-old also studied at Bentley University and graduated from the Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School of Business. Now, the woman has been charged with killing her boyfriend.


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