Recently, another tragic news has been hitting the internet in which a Highland High School language arts teacher was arrested for sexual abuse charge. The teacher was arrested on Thursday for abusing a minor female student. Some sources claimed that the teacher’s name is Justin Rapier and he is currently arrested for some offensive charges.

Who Is Justin Rapier

Let us also tell you that the investigation has been also started and it seems that he was arrested for child abuse. The news is actually very disturbing as no one can think that a teacher who educates students does such types of activities with students.

Why Was Justin Rapier Arrested?

Many people searching to know more information about this teacher as no one can think that happened in the school. Let us tell you that the name of the teacher is Justin Rapier is 41 years old and he was a high school teacher in Riverside. So far, there is not much information available related to his personal life.

Earlier to this, he worked as an English Teacher at Highland High School in Iowa, United States. Along with it, some sources also claimed that his full name is Justin David Rapier of Marion. There are no details has been shared by the police related to the case for which the teacher is arrested.

It is important to keep the specific information of the suspect with you. He has been accused of sexually abusing a minor by a school employee. If the charges on him will be convicted, he might spend up to five years of prison.

Who Is Justin Rapier?

Not only this, but after knowing about this tragic news, people are angry with him and took to social media to express how they feel after hearing this. There is a report circulating in the media that suggests that he is a victim of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

He has struggled with depression and anxiety since the age of 30 and is now on medication. He says that people with BPD experience intense anger, depression, and anxiety that last anywhere from a few hours to several days. Now, the teacher is arrested for some offensive charges that he did with a female student.

There are many people continuously talking about the teacher who sexually abuses a student. The investigation is going on and if the teacher is convicted, he might spend five years in prison. We will update all the information related to this matter and you just need to stick with us.


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