Why was Jeremy Pruitt Fired? Football Coach Faces Breached NCAA Rules Allegations: Have you heard about the scandal that was reported by NCAA in which a renowned coach and his wife were fired? Reportedly, NCAA has addressed the matter and revealed what the former coach of Vols named Jeremy Pruitt and his wife did. According to the source, Jeremy Pruitt and his wife were involved in a scandal due to which NCAA slammed the Vols with as many as 18 infractions that took place during the tenure of Jeremy Pruitt. Where Jeremy Pruitt is now and what he is doing after getting fired from Tennessee Vols? There are still various questions that we have to answer. If you continue it till the last word then you will surely become educated on the scandal in which Jeremy Pruitt and his wife were involved. Scroll down the screen. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Jeremy Pruitt Fired

Why was Jeremy Pruitt Fired?

According to NCAA, Jeremy Pruitt and his wife breached the terms and rules of the NCAA during the requirement of the players over the three years. In addition, the fired coach of Tennesse Vols and his wife distributed luxurious gifts and presents worth $60,000 to players to lure them during the recruitment. As per the source, the head coach of Tennessee Volunteers sent costly gifts and items to players’ families to make them happy and lean toward Tennesse Vols. Scroll down the page for more details.

Who Is Jeremy Pruitt’s Wife?

Reports clearly claimed that Jeremy Pruitt and his wife paid around $60K to lure players’ families. Meanwhile, former head coach Jeremy Pruitt and other staff members were also involved in this scam. Reportedly, Tennessee Vols broke its marriage with Jeremy Pruitt in January 2021 following the internal investigation showing proof of his involvement in the scandal. And now after one year of Jeremy Pruitt’s exit from the team NCAA slammed Tennessee Vols with 18 infractions. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about Jeremy Pruitt.

Jeremy Pruitt Breached NCAA Rules Allegations

Jeremy Pruitt is married to his wife named Casey East who was also with him in the recruitment scandal. As per the source, they are living together for years and they also share four children together named Flynt, Ridge, Jaise, and a daughter who was born recently. According to the report submitted by NCAA, Jeremy Pruitt lured players by distributing cash and costly gifts from 2018 to 2021. After leaving Tennessee Vols Jeremy Pruitt joined New York Giants as a senior defensive assistant. And he is still there. Stay tuned.


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