Recently the news has come on social media platforms that a music producer Chicco Twala has been arrested on Monday. He has been arrested for reportedly assaulting and pointing a firearm at a City Power technician on Sunday night. This news came on the web it’s getting viral on social media platforms. People are searching for the news about what happened. why did he arrest what is the reason behind this? His arrest news circulated on the news his fans come in big shock and desperately searched to gin information about the news.  Here we have more information about the news and we will try to cover all the information in this article, so let’s continue the article.

City Power lays assault charge against Chicco Twala

According to the report, Chicco Twala has been arrested by tyhe crops and he has been charged with assault and pointing out a city power worker with a gun, power in the area has been off since Wednesday, technicians have come to attend the situation claims he mistook a city power worker because thieves who steal power cables, after his arrest there is a trending statement from him which read as follows:

Why Was Chicco Twala Arrested?

” My arrest is evidence that I am not above the law and I can be arrested if any person lays criminal charges opposed to me no one is above the law, the complainant laid criminals charges and the crops lacking me up. Haters on the internet claim that I corrupt judges, crops including Beggiecele whom even I don’t know to protect my son who is accused by haters of killing Senoz Meyiwa. Where will I get the kind of money to bribe all these powerful people also why should I protect a killer?. You are on the right page for getting the right information about the news so scroll down the page for more information.

For me, my arrest news is a blessing and success in proving to my heart that I am not above the law and no crops and judge will save me if I commit my crime, I am texting from my cell because we speak waiting for my lawyers to ball me out but overall I am happy that it occurred, to my heaters have fun and celebrate mt arrest”

Who Is Chicco Twala?

But there is something that is not about his statement why is he about Senzo Meyiwa instead of the city power workers, he has not been arrested for Meyiwa but he is arrested for pointing out city power workers with a gun. Stay tuned for more updates.


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